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A Year in Eire

Inspirations from

The Emerald Isle

Gems of inspiration drawn from the literature and culture of Ireland

“Live for yourself today, but also in an acknowledgement that you

touch others for eternity.”

James Craig Bell - A Year in Eire   

James Craig Bell may have been born and bred in Canada, but he has a longstanding affinity with the Irish spirit and culture. Having travelled extensively in the land of "40 shades of green" (finding his wife there along the way) the author of this collection of inspirational musings and spiritual insights has absorbed much of the island's folklore and mythology, enjoyed the people's unique humour and attitude to life and developed a deep love of Ireland's rich literary tradition, populated by the likes of Seamus Heaney, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce and Oscar Wilde.

"A Year in Eire - Inspirations from the Emerald Isle" is the culmination of over 45 years spent visiting and travelling through Ireland; distilling the wit and wisdom of her writers, weaving in the fabric of the old myths of warriors and saints, mingled with the musings and meditations that this fabled and fabulous country has inspired the author with. Presented in day-by-day readings, James Craig Bell shares his thoughts on what Ireland's culture and people have taught him concerning finding happiness, the importance of faith, overcoming fears, developing self-assurance, being motivated to reach your goals... in short, it's a book about 'Life' in it's fullest sense, and no one knows how to live life to the full quite like the Irish.

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